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Yeti de Bourganeuf

The photos below have had a deep effect on me, because I am suddenly looking at something that I only got a brief glimpse of more than three years ago here in Texas, and have tried to describe and explain ever since.

I first found this image on a website by the name of A Very Hairy Dictionary.

Their description is as follows:

" . . . Yeti de Bourganeuf: this name has been applied to a large corps (2.63 meters) [approximately 8' 7-1/2"], which was exhibited for a short time at a fair in Bourganeuf, France, in March of 1997. A small local magazine had published four photos of the corps [of which we have apparently only three]. The events that followed the publication of these photos, including the discrediting, appeared extremely "fishy." The specimen in these four photos appear, to fit the description of an almasty, who may have very well have been killed right here in Europe. The yeti of the Himalayas has prolific facial hair like the North American troglodytes, whereas the almasty lack this facial hair, thus exposing their very human external morphology. Myself [Scott Elliott White], and one of the most outstanding historical hominologists - Christian Le Noël, have investigated this affaire and found the discrediting to be pure fabrication. This is, in my opinion, the most relevant photo of a troglodyte to ever "over-come" the authorities, and reach the "public eye" as to the date of March, 1997 . . ."

Whether or not these images are actual and genuine photographs of a Wildman, the scenario sounds familiar. In fact, I have probably hypothesized what would happen if the "body" that science supposedly demands actually showed up, one day. The scenario would play out with series of skeptical dismissals, no matter how thin, and eventually the "body" would disappear, along with those involved in its revelation.

I am told that even the newspaper photographer, who was asked for the negatives from her photos that were published, stated that the negatives had been given away. These grainy photos, which are apparently all that presently remain, result because they were scanned from published images appearing in a French magazine.

The present whereabouts of the body is unknown.

However, my belief is that even with a body, "official science" will not be satisfied with anything, unless and until "science" becomes inclined to investigate who or what these obviously human-like beings are.

As these images reveal, they so closely resemble human beings that this fact alone may be why so much cover-up and suppression has apparently occurred. How could the powers that be ever explain their callous treatment and lack of concern for the destruction of the natural habitat of these beings? To acknowledge these creatures? existence would possibly amount to a management problem exceeding that which our country faced as we crossed this continent, encroaching upon and exterminating the other Native inhabitants of North America.

Until that day when the Sasquatch, by any name which one prefers to call him, has been officially recognized and protected, it is my hope to influence those who would want the glory of "bringing in a body" against such an idea, because "it" and "they" will, by my estimation, find themselves in a state of non-accidental obscurity.

My guess is that "science" has been presented with "the body" on a number of occasions, and we have very little to show for it, except possibly a large storage bill at the Smithsonian.

Thank you to our friend named Alfred from France for the information that he has relayed and also the additional photographs, and for obtaining permission from the researcher Christian Le Noël to use these images.

~ Cliff Jones, Sr.

Here are some additional notes about these images:

" . . . The corpse appeared on display at a fair in France in March 97. Nobody knew where it came from . . .

" . . . Christian Le Noël investigated and obtained the story about avalanches, China, Eastern Germany. Did not sound true. By insisting, the guy disappeared with the corpse. Due to similarity with humans, a hunter or farmer who killed one, even by accident or fear, is afraid to tell the truth.

" . . . Picture appeared in the local newspaper "Journal du Berry". Bourganeuf is located in centre of France. 45°57'N 1°45'E, a small town of less than 20 000 inhabitants . . .

" . . . The question remaining is where did it come from. In his investigation, Christian Le Noël had answers like "came from China through Eastern Germany," all replies he qualified as fairy tales . . ."

" . . . The corpse was displayed like the Minnesota wild man, in a freezer, on an ice bed. The story goes as follows. The corpse would have been found by sherpas in an avalanche in Tibet (This version is dismissed by Christian Le Noël, being a former staff member of the French National Park - Les Ecrins - Alps. He had exposure to such events) and would have been hidden by Tibetan Monks in a water well under ice (But he knows that Monks are afraid of Yeti - brings bad luck, plus risk of polluting the water). Later, the Chinese army would have taken away the corpse, and after several months of display at Shanghai, would have been sold to a circus in eastern Germany. This one went bankrupt, and the brother of the stallholder has acquired the display. Christian Le Noël concludes saying that this is the story of Snow-White and the Seven Dwarfs . . .

" . . . He had contacted the newspaper reporter who had taken the photos to acquire a high quality picture, but she said that she had given away the negative . . .

" . . . The owner of the display at the fair disappeared, and the corpse was never seen again (at least not in France) . . ."

" . . . My opinion: is not a hoax, and may well have been obtained directly in Europe . . . "
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