The Texas Wildman Project
Audio Gallery

These are recordings made here in Texas, during field investigations, unless otherwise noted. We hope to continue adding to them, as our catalogue of interesting sounds expands. As always, no specific claims are made about these recordings other than what is stated here.

This effort is an attempt to share, to stimulate investigation, and promote enthusiasm for learning about the Wildman.

If you have recordings or photos that you'd like to add to the Project, feel free to email them! Any submissions denote permission to use them perpetually on the website.

Field Recordings

"Whoop" Recorded During a Sighting: This recording comes from a videotaped incident in Texas. Several researchers claimed to be watching two giants in the woods near the road we were traveling. The camera scanned the woods, and as spotlights panned the brush, something let out this fearful "Whoop!"

Whistle Heard Several Feet Away, Not a Bird: After an hour or more of silence, deep in the woods and in the middle of the night, the team was about to depart. Reaching for the door of the vehicle in order to close it, this whistle was heard just over my right shoulder, only feet away. No bird was seen, and it is not thought to have been a bird.

Barred Owl (Sometimes Called "Crazy Owl"), Real or Mimicked?: Some think it ridiculous to consider the sounds of the Barred Owl to be related to the Wildman. Others think the Wildman, in the same way as the American Indians previously, use bird calls to communicate, unseen and unsuspected. Numerous recordings have been made of these sounds and many defy simple explanation.

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