The Texas Wildman Project

"Why do you want to hunt the Wildmen? My children, they are a tribe even as are we. They have families, hunt, fish, and procreate. Leave them alone and they will leave us alone." -Chief Tishuminko (Tishomingo of the Chickasaws)

"The Stick Indians are different in different areas, here we have good ones; where you live, your filth has angered them and they will drive you off." -Ninta Luci (Black Bear, Choctaw Shaman to Arnold Wickhoff at Sandy Creek, Oklahoma, 1877)

"Nothing that is said, or accused towards the hairy brothers of the forests will cause them to leave their homes, they deal with the round eyes the same as we, they will kill the round eyes to protect their home." -WarShield, subchief of the Comanche under Quannah Parker

The Texas Wildman Project is currently in progress; please visit often for updates and added content.

At the moment, we have a growing collection of photographs and recordings taken in our research areas, and a set of forums still in development. In addition, we have recently added a compilation of mysterious footprint photographs from our field research.

The Texas Wildman Project is a joint undertaking of a number of independent Wildman/Bigfoot researchers based in the Glorious State of Texas, aimed at knowing all we can about the mysterious being who populates the wilderness areas of our own home state.

The independent researchers of the Texas Wildman Project hold to the firm ethic of a non-invasive research method. We want to learn and to witness, but not at the personal expense of the magnificent subject of our study.

Welcome to Texas, and welcome to the Texas Wildman Project!

The Texas Wildman Project is a Friend of Bigfoot!

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