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Chronological List of Bigfoot Sightings in the South 1849-1980

From The Bigfoot Casebook

13 May 1849 S-W of Eagle (later Eagletown), Oklahoma One-Eye Bascomb Hunter-trapper saw "strange critter" in swamps; description fits Bigfoot.

Mar. 1851 Greene County, Arkansas Mr. Hamilton Gigantic "wild man" pursued cattle.

1856 Arkansas-Louisiana border - "Wild man" dragged man from horse and bit and scratched him before riding off on horse.

After 1865 Saline County, Arkansas - 7-ft "wild man" captured.

1878 Tennessee - "Wild Man of the Woods" reportedly captured; 6 ft 5 in tall, large eyes, "fish scales" on the body. Exhibited in Louisville, Kentucky.

c.1880s Horseshoe Bend area of Bear Creek, Alabama Jade Davis Fisherman watched by Bigfoot which jumped into creek when noticed.

May 1894 Deep Creek, Kentucky Jack Agee, Joseph Ewalt, Eph Boston, Tom Boston, James Boston Man-beast which raided farms was tracked to cave.

c.1915 SE of Wann, Oklahoma Crum King Saw Bigfoot near house gate.

June 1925 Nr Alton, Missouri Man Saw from 50 yds a man-like animal covered with brown hair and having a monkey-like face; 2 other sightings. Said to be a hair-covered man, but man interviewed had black hair and wore clothes.

Spring 1926 Nr Goodwater, Oklahoma Doctor Saw "the thing" running across lane in the lights of his Model T Ford.

1926 Mountain Fork River, Oklahoma 2 hunters Saw "manbeast" which later killed their dog.

1947 Piney Ridge, Missouri Several hunters Bigfoot was killing sheep and goats. When hunted, it killed the dogs and overthrew the hunters' jeep.

1947 Lakeland, Florida Child (4) Saw Bigfoot standing under tree near home.

1948 Nr Mobile, Alabama 5 boys Saw 11-ft Bigfoot in swamp.

Late 1940s Nigger Wool Swamps. S-E Missouri - Gorilla-like animal killed cows and horses; someone shot it. (This may be the same case as Piney Ridge 1947.)

c.1951 Nr Boston, Georgia Woman & husband Dogs cornered hairy giant on house porch; husband shot at it, but it ran away.

1953 Fouke, Arkansas - Probable earliest sighting of "Fouke Monster"

20 July 1955 (1), 24 July 1955 (2), 25 July 1955 (3) Three Springs Ranch, nr Edison, Georgia Tant King (1), Mrs. Alberta Donnell & son Toby (2), Martha Donnell (3) Witnesses separately saw a "hairy little gray man" about 3?-ft tall walking in the fields; tracks also found.

1 Aug. 1955 Nr Kinchafoonee Creek on Bronwood-Smithville Highway, Georgia Joseph Whaley Man cutting grass fought Bigfoot with scythe.

1955 Fouke, Arkansas Lynn Crabtree Fired at "Fouke Monster."

c.1956 About 13 miles from Wilberton, Oklahoma Several Hairy, long-armed Bigfoot seen to walk by pond near house; and seen hanging over neighbor's fence. Writer's sister saw huge, hairy leg while berry-picking.

c.1956 Nr Columbus, Georgia - 7-ft, long-haired Bigfoot seen along certain road by numerous witnesses.

Spring 1957 Big Cypress Swamp, Florida 2 hunters As they slept in hammocks, a Bigfoot stood and watched them. They awoke and saw it was tall and dark with glowing eyes. After about 2 mins it walked away.

Autumn 1957 N of San Antonio. Texas Man Saw Bigfoot 8-9 ft tall and with gray-white hair through telescopic sight as it moved tree limbs near a lake.

1957 Nr Jackson, Tennessee James M. Meacham (15) Witness shot repeatedly without effect at small ape.

Feb. 1959 Covington, Kentucky Motorist Saw large, 2-legged creature on a bridge.

Sept. 1959 Clapps Chapel Road, nr Knoxville, Tennessee Earl Taylor & John Rosenbaum Fired at Bigfoot which came up to house.

Autumn 1960 Walnut Creek nr Clanton, Alabama Several, including Revd E.C. Hand Tall, hairy "Booger" seen, and hunted, but only "giant ape" footprints found.

June 1962 Trimble County, Kentucky Owen Powell or Pike Saw black, 6-ft creature attacking his dogs; other activity in the area.

July 1962 Nr Mt Vernon, Kentucky 4 young people Bigfoot growled at witnesses in parked car.

1962 Lost Gap, E of Meridian, Mississippi Many Green-eyed Bigfoot seen in woods; search with bloodhounds and helicopter found nothing.

1963 Holopaw, Florida Several Bigfoot seen running across field.

Aug. 1965 Rutherford County, Tennessee Roy Hudson, Terry Ring, Derris Barrett, Terry Lester Saw 7-ft, reddish-brown Bigfoot with 3-in teeth and pug nose.

1965 Fouke, Arkansas James Lynn Crabtree (14) While squirrel-hunting, 7-8-ft Bigfoot approached; boy fired at its face 3 times and ran off.

1965 Tarrytown, Georgia Man Saw Bigfoot over 8 ft tall which "appeared mangled."

Spring 1966 Brooksville, Florida Mrs. Eula Lewis Bigfoot with roundish head and shoulders chased her into her house; she saw it swinging its arms as dogs yapped at it.

Summer 1966 Nr Anclote River, Elfers, Florida Ralph "Bud" Chambers Bigfoot seen standing in trees had a "rancid, putrid odor."

7 Nov. 1966 Nr Winona, Mississippi William & James Cagle 7-ft Bigfoot with 8-in diameter red eyes "waved" its arm at witnesses' passing truck.

30 Nov. 1966 Nr Brooksville, Florida Miss M.B. While changing a wheel on lonely road, witness watched by green-eyed Bigfoot.

Dec. 1966 Anclote River, Florida 2 hunters Saw Bigfoot.

Jan. 1967 Elfers, Florida Four teenagers Smelly Bigfoot with glowing green eyes jumped onto car hood.

Summer 1967 Nr Anclote River, Elfers, Florida Ralph "Bud" Chambers Saw Bigfoot in yard.

Spring 1968 Monteagle Mtn, Tennessee Brenda Ann Adkins 7-ft Bigfoot with nauseating odor came within 6 ft of witness and stared at her before walking away.

July 1968 Kinlock, St Louis, Missouri Boy (4) & his aunt Bigfoot picked up boy but dropped him when aunt screamed.

Sept. 1968 Hamburg, Arkansas - People reported seeing "a thing that looks like a man but has a gorilla head."

Nov. 1968 Between Oakwood & Canton, Oklahoma Roger Boucher "Gorilla-like" animal ran across road at night; other sightings during the winter.

1968 Murray, Kentucky Dr. Richard Young & Charles Denton Saw Bigfoot on road.

Feb. 1969 Nr Truman, Arkansas Nathan Russell Saw creature a cross between dog and ape, with human head and shoulders; jumped from tree and chased him briefly.

Summer 1969 Nr South Sulphur River nr Commerce, Texas Jerry Matlock, Kenneth Wilson & others 8-ft, brown-haired Bigfoot with wide shoulders came fast over levee towards car at night; men drove away, trying unsuccessfully to fire a gun at it.

7 Nov. 1969 Lake Worth, Texas Charles Buchanan Thrown to ground, while sleeping in pick-up, by Bigfoot.

July to Nov. 1969 Lake Worth, Texas Many people including Jack E. Harris White Bigfoot often seen during this summer; threw car wheel 500 ft at one group of watchers.

1969 Nr Davie, Florida Charles Robertson Met smelly, growling Bigfoot in abandoned guava orchard.

1969 Nr Davie, Florida Henry Ring Saw huge black Bigfoot treed by dogs in orange grove; it swung away through the trees and dived into canal.

Feb. 1970 Big Cypress Swamp, Florida H.C. Osbun & another man At 3 am saw smelly Bigfoot with no neck running away from tent; 17?-in tracks found.

1970 Talihina, Oklahoma Several Saw Bigfoot.

Feb. 1971 Big Cypress Swamp, Florida H.C. "Buz" Osbon (or Osborn) & other archaeologists 8-ft, light-brown Bigfoot, strongly smelling, approached close to their tent at 3 am; 17?-in, 5-toed tracks found later.

2 May 1971 Jonesville area, Fouke, Arkansas Bobby Ford, his wife, and brother Douglas Ford 6-ft Bigfoot seen several times during night.

23 May 1971 Nr Fouke, Arkansas Mr. & Mrs. D.C. Woods, Jr., & Mr. & Mrs. R.H. Sedgass 6-7-ft Bigfoot ran across road in front of car; reported by other drivers on Highway 71.

June 1971 Greenville, Mississippi Mae Pearl Young Saw 6-ft black Bigfoot standing beside her daughter's home at night.

July 1971 Highway 79, N of Louisiana, Missouri Joan Mills & Mary Ryan Young women were picnicking when "ape man" came out of woods and trapped them in their car.

Aug. 1971 W of Fort Lauderdale, Florida Henry Ring Rabies control officer saw Bigfoot with long dangling arms cross road, during a search following many other reports from the area.

1971 Nr Davie, Florida Sgt. Harry Rose & Sgt. Joseph Simboli Heard Bigfoot around deserted buildings and watched as it escaped by swinging through orange trees.

14 Jan. 1972 Nr Drexel, North Carolina Deputy Sheriff & volunteer deputy Saw 6-ft gray Bigfoot cross road in front of their car.

Jan. 1972 Springdale, Arkansas Mrs. G.W. Humphrey Barking dogs alerted witness who saw Bigfoot outside trailer home, on 2 occasions.

29 June 1972 Mountains in Virginia Three people As they walked up mountainside, witnesses scattered as 7-8-ft Bigfoot running on 2 legs passed them on its way down.

c. 30 June 1972 Cuivre River, nr Cuivre State Park, Missouri Named as V.M. & Tim Fishermen saw Bigfoot wade river and walk along bank towards them.

Early July 1972 Springdale, Arkansas Peter Ragland Shot at Bigfoot with .22 pistol.

11 July 1972 Nr Louisiana, Missouri Terry Harrison (8), Wally Harrison (5), Doris Harrison (15) Saw black, 6-7-ft Bigfoot standing by tree in daylight; possibly carried bleeding black dog.

20 July 1972 Springdale, Arkansas Mrs. G.W. Humphrey Woken by pounding on her trailer home, witness encountered Bigfoot that alternately walked upright and crawled on all fours.

20 July 1972 Nr New Haven, Missouri Daughter of Leonard Strubberg Driving in the early morning, witness saw huge, silver-gray Bigfoot walking in field.

24 July 1972 Nr O'Fallon, Missouri Two teenage girls Saw Bigfoot walking at edge of wooded area near sundown.

Late July 1972 Springdale, Arkansas Bill Hurst Saw Bigfoot in his garden staring at him with "two great big eyes;" when he yelled it ran off.

6 Sept. 1972 Springdale, Arkansas Barbara Robinson Told police that a "prowler" had peered through her window, 7 ft from the ground.

Early June 1973 Jefferson County, Arkansas Jessie (19), Ricky (17), Sandra (16), Gall (13) Bigfoot looked in at rear window of witnesses' car when they visited rubbish dump, and was seen several times during following hours.

Early June 1973 Nr Pine Bluff, Jefferson County, Arkansas Two boys 12-14 years old Reported seeing a Bigfoot - "great big ol' shaggy looking thing" - in woods.

Autumn 1973 Albany, Kentucky - Dark, 6-ft creature with bushy black tail, "ape human" face and 9-toed tracks seen by many. Killed livestock but was itself unaffected by gunfire until wounded by farmer Charlie Stern; sightings of this, another and a youngster then ceased.

Late Nov. 1973 Nr Fouke, Arkansas Orville Scoggins, his son & grandson Saw 4-ft Bigfoot with black hair, walking slowly.

9 Jan. 1974 Hollywood Boulevard nr Fort Lauderdale, Florida Richard Lee Smith 7-8-ft, dark Bigfoot ran off limping after witness ran into it in his car at night; others saw it in the area.

9 Jan. 1974 Highway 27 nr Fort Lauderdale, Florida Patrolman Robert Hollemeyal Bigfoot survived gunshot wound and ran off at around 20 mph.

July-Aug. 1974 Watova settlement nr Nowata, Oklahoma Mrs. Margie Lee, Deputy Gilbert Gilmore & Deputy Buck Field Many sightings at the Lees' home over 2 weeks; Bigfoot uninjured when shot at by deputies.

End Aug. 1974 Siow City, Louisiana Man Saw Bigfoot outside his house.

2 Sept. 1974 Blackburn State Park nr Dahlongea, Georgia Les Alexander, Bob Martin & Chris Stevens 8-ft Bigfoot seen eating out of rubbish bins in the early morning. The "Billy Holler Bugger" had been seen before by local residents.

Sept. 1974 Palm Beach County, Florida Security guard Fired at and hit Bigfoot, which fled.

Mid Oct. 1974 Nr Holly Springs, Arkansas - Several sightings; one man shot at and hit Bigfoot.

31 Oct. 1974 Nr Fordyce, Arkansas Myzell Thompson Heard dogs barking, saw something outside, and went out to see 7-ft Bigfoot in flashlight. Shot at it; it walked slowly away.

Nov. 1974 Nr San Antonio, Texas John Martinet & friend Rick While hunting rabbits, saw 6-7-ft Bigfoot with long matted hair on head; dog snarled at it.

23 Jan. 1975 Miramar, Florida Rim Dunn (rookie policeman) Saw Bigfoot loping across road.

2 Feb. 1975 Cape Coral, Florida Richard Davis Shot once at 9-ft Bigfoot but could not shoot again.

Feb. 1975 Nr Gainsvilie, Florida - Bigfoot hit by car.

6 March 1975 Nr Lake Okeechobee, Martin County, Florida Steve & Mrs. Humphreys At night, collided with Bigfoot running fast across road. Much damage to car, but no victim could be found.

24 March 1975 Black Point - Goulds Canal, Dade County, Florida Michael Bennett & Lawrence Groom Watched 8-9-ft Bigfoot, rocking blue car with hysterical man inside.

March 1975 Camden, Arkansas - 7-8-ft Bigfoot seen.

7 June 1975 Nr Venice, Florida Ronnie Steves (12) Was alerted at night by his ducks and went out to see a 6-ft Bigfoot with shaggy hair leaning on post looking down at ducks; tracks found later.

Summer 1975 North Fort Myers, Florida - Bigfoot seen.

Mid Sept. 1975 Nr Indianola, Oklahoma Three people Had close sightings of Bigfoot.

Oct. 1975 Pacific, Missouri Woman Saw Bigfoot, known in area as "Brush Ape."

Oct. 1975 Giles County, Tennessee Farmer Watched Bigfoot in barn kill calf by throwing it on ground.

Sept. & Oct. 1975 Nolde, Oklahoma Several, including Kenneth Tosh, Marion Parret, Clifford Bentson, Gerald Bullock Many sightings of, and futile attempts to kill, Bigfoot.

Autumn 1975 35 miles N of San Antonio, Texas Man Watched gray/white-haired Bigfoot 8-9 ft tall through rifle scope as it moved tree limbs around at lonely lakeside.

Nov. 1975 Citrus County, Florida Seven young men including John Sohl (18) All saw 3 Bigfoot near their campfire. Sohl was later tossed by one when he tried to photograph it.

Late 1975 Spottsville, Kentucky - Bigfoot seen.

1975 Nr mouth of Yashau Creek, Little River, Oklahoma Hunter Saw long-armed, 8-ft Bigfoot with grayish-black hair which ran off when it became aware of witness.

23 April 1976 Nr Flintville, Tennessee Two teenagers Bigfoot seen climbing bank at night.

26 April 1976 Nr Flintville, Tennessee Gary Robertson (4), mother Mrs. Jennie Robertson, & six men including Deputy Sheriff Homer Davis, Melvin Robertson & Stan Moore Bigfoot tried to abduct Gary; 6-man posse chased and shot at it.

April 1976 Nr Flintville, Tennessee Woman Bigfoot jumped on car roof and stole radio aerial.

Spring 1976 Nr Pembroke, Kentucky Five witnesses to 3 sightings Around 6-ft-tall creature with big shoulders and glowing green eyes seen near lonely houses at night.

Spring 1976 Chatham, North Carolina Brody Parker Farmer watched 7-8-ft Bigfoot for 20 mins. It had black fur and was "sort of hunched over and looking back at me."

23 May 1976 Old Taylor Road, Dothan, Alabama Baptist Minister Dark-haired Bigfoot with red eyes ran beside car for a mile, up to 70 mph.

Mid-June 1976 Nr Grove City, Florida Three youths Had 2 sightings of "skunk ape" on one night. It was 7 ft tall with long, reddish-brown hair and growled at them.

Mid June 1976 Nr Grove City, Florida Deputy Carl Williams Just after midnight, shone car light around pond and saw "big animal ... hunched over," possibly drinking. It had long brown hair and lumbered off into woods.

June 1976 Nr North Fort Myers, Florida John Holley, Bill Holley & friend Saw Everglades "skunk ape," 6 ft tall, with long black hair, standing in clump of pine trees.

30 July 1976 Mount Holly, North Carolina Roger Hoffman Saw 7-ft hairy Bigfoot in woods at night as he sat on porch; shot at it.

Aug. 1976 Nr Kelly Air Force Base, Texas Ed Olivarri 7-ft brown Bigfoot ran out of his back yard.

Aug. 1976 Nr Kelly Air Force Base, Texas Mrs. Rose Medina Nextdoor neighbor to Ed Olivarri, a few days after his sighting, saw 3-ft brown creature sitting on her back step; it ran off on 2 legs.

Summer 1976 Nr Hallsville, Texas - 12-ft silver-haired Bigfoot seen shucking corn; accompanied by smaller red-tinged female.

Summer 1976 Brooksville area, Florida - Many sightings of Bigfoot.

1976 Cape Fear River area, Chatham County, North Carolina Numerous 7-ft ape-like creature with black hair, "a slumping gait" and a deathly scream seen in the area; also 3-toed, 18-in footprints found.

17 Jan. 1977 Natchez, Mississippi Several "Almost human," huge, hairy, creature over 6 ft tall growled at dog. Walked with a limp and appeared curious. Large footprints and other traces found.

Jan. 1977 Simpson County, Kentucky Policeman Saw Bigfoot crossing road at night; other sightings in area.

Early Feb. 1977 Delray Beach, Florida Golf course superintendent 7-ft "skunk ape" with shaggy black hair seen drinking from lake.

Early Feb. 1977 Delray Beach, Florida Security guard Saw gorilla-like creature near golf course.

Feb. 1977 Moon Lake, Florida Several Three Bigfoot, one 10 ft tall, seen in house yard; other sightings in same area.

April 1977 Moon Lake, Florida Three men in truck Saw 9-ft black Bigfoot by full moon; it leapt road in one try.

18 May 1977 Pacific, Missouri Motorist Saw 8-9-ft Bigfoot cross road.

23 May 1977 Nr LaBelle, Florida Four people As they walked from broken down van, saw 7-8-ft, black "skunk ape" cross road.

May 1977 Nobleton, Florida Two men Saw Bigfoot fighting with dogs.

May 1977 Pittsylvania County, Virginia Woman Saw 7-ft Bigfoot.

6 July 1977 Abilene Boys' Ranch nr Hawley, Texas Tom Roberts (14), Larry Suggs (15), Renee McFarland The "Hawley Him" threw rocks at the witnesses.

21 July 1977 Key Large, Florida Two men Saw Bigfoot in field.

July 1977 Key Large, Florida Charlie Stoeckman, Charlie Stoeckman Jr. (13), Sawn Tubbs Stoeckman saw "skunk ape" three times.

22 Aug. 1977 Highway 274 nr Trinidad, Texas Three women Saw Bigfoot on road.

Aug. 1977 Jackson, Mississippi Donald Bracey Bigfoot limped across road in front of car.

Aug. 1977 Stilwell, Oklahoma Brian Jones, two Ritchie boys Saw red eyes looking in at window; outside Jones met foul-smelling, 8-ft Bigfoot which lifted him off the ground. Dropped him and ran off when others appeared. They shot at Bigfoot, which threw rocks at them. There had been frequent sightings in previous 3 years.

Summer 1977 Nr East Baton Rouge, Louisiana Chris Denaro Saw 9 ft Bigfoot while parked in woods with girlfriend.

2 Sept. 1977 Highway 31 nr Corsicana, Texas Man Saw 7-ft Bigfoot on road.

1 or 3 Oct. 1977 Apoka, Florida Security officer Reportedly attacked and scratched by 10-ft Bigfoot which tried to break down door.

c. 2 Oct. 1977 Belleview, Florida 22-yr-old welder While hitchhiking, attacked by black, smelly "skunk ape" 6-ft tall.

11 Oct. 1977 Ocala National Forest, Florida Revd S.L. What!ey Baptist minister saw Bigfoot while cutting wood.

Oct. or Nov. 1977 Nr Belville, Louisiana Leonce Boudreaux Saw Bigfoot in woods.

Mid Nov. 1977 Ocala National Forest, Florida Hunter Fired 6 times at 8-ft "apelike" creature weighing approx 800 lbs.

Late Dec. 1977 Maddox Road area, Jackson, Mississippi Donald Bracey 6-ft Bigfoot, eating something, seen by road 5:30 pm.

Late Dec. 1977 Maddox Road area, Jackson, Mississippi Robert Trussel Bigfoot crossed road in front of car, and witness had to swerve. This was at 10 pm, same place and date as previous sighting.

Early Jan. 1978 Nr Riceville, Louisiana Hunter Saw tall, black Bigfoot with red eyes 3 times in same area. Once it leapt 6-ft fence after growling at him.

16 Jan. 1978 Nr Crowley, Louisiana Boy Saw "big ape" eating minnows from stream. Had big shoulders, and was hair-covered except for buttocks and soles of feet. Hopped away on one leg when witness threw stones at it.

6 March 1978 East Brewton, Alabama Ruth Mary Gibson, Luke McDaniel, Johnny Gibson (19), Lt Doug McCurdy Red-eyed Bigfoot visited rural house at night.

Late March 1978 Jay pipeline between Flomaton & Jay, Alabama 5 truckloads of men Saw Bigfoot and ran to fetch guns, but it could not be found later.

Late March 1978 Conecuh River, Alabama Man Saw Bigfoot standing in river picking something out of water.

4 June 1978 Nr Krotz Springs, Louisiana Leonce & Mrs. Boudreaux Saw 7-8-ft Bigfoot with long, reddish-brown hair walking upright; it made nightly visits to garbage dump.

19 June 1978 North Tram Road, Vidor, Texas Bobby & Beckie Bussinger Many sightings around their house, so witnesses moved out.

26 June 1978 South Crossett, Arkansas Mike Lofton (10) Saw and shot at 7 ?-ft Bigfoot.

6 Aug. 1978 "Blue Hole" creek nr Athens, Alabama David Conley (17), Stanley Eastep (16), Ronnie Loonie (15) While fishing at night saw Bigfoot in car lights.

c. 19 Aug. 1978 South Sulphur, nr Commerce, Texas Wayne Matlock In daylight, Bigfoot crossed road ahead of witness and went across pasture toward river.

Mid Aug. 1978 South Sulphur, nr Commerce, Texas Harvey Garrison Driving at night, saw 7 ?-ft Bigfoot cross 42-ft road in 3 steps.

Mid Aug. 1978 South Sulphur, nr Commerce, Texas Wayne Matlock, Anthony Wilson, Ray Rutherford 2 days after Garrison sighting, on same road, three boys saw Bigfoot around midnight.

Mid Aug. 1978 Nr Owensboro, Kentucky Several men Cornered Bigfoot beside pond and shot it with pistol from 10 ft. It fled into woods, leaving no trace of blood.

29 Aug. 1978 Benton, Arkansas Mrs. Mildred Wilton Saw 5-ft dark Bigfoot rattling chainlink fence late at night.

Aug. 1978 Nr Owensboro, Kentucky Larry Nelson, brother & two friends Fired 3 .45 bullets into Bigfoot's chest from 45 ft; it ran away into woods apparently unhurt.

5 Nov. 1978 Krotz Springs, Louisiana Jack Potter & girlfriend While driving, saw reddish Bigfoot running fast, and heard growling.

21 Dec. 1978 Toluca, North Carolina Minnie Cook (88) Saw "Knobby" outside her house. Tracks found and screams heard in the area of Carpenter's Knob, and other sightings reported.

Late Dec. 1978 Casar, North Carolina Sammy Price While working in backyard, heard high-pitched scream and saw 6-7-ft "tree" which started to walk.

Late Dec. 1978 Casar, North Carolina Kay Price Day after previous sighting, heard scream and saw "Knobby" eating soybean crop in field.

15 Jan. 1979 Casar, North Carolina Mrs. Kay Price, Gaye (18) & Wanda Smith Saw "Knobby" by road, Gaye went closer.

9-11 March 1979 Flower Lake nr Tunica, Mississippi Mr. & Mrs. Tom Goff, Rodney Goff & friend After 2 visits by Bigfoot, family lay in wait and shot at it.

Late spring 1979 South Mountain, North Carolina Fisherman Saw black shape run into undergrowth; next day shot at same creature.

Early Sept. 1979 Nr White House, Tennessee Bill Cook Farmer wrestled with slant-eyed Bigfoot which escaped; local reports of animal killings.

Jan. 1980 Nashville, Tennessee Don Roberts Saw broad-shouldered animal with rubber-like face run through field on two legs.

1 April 1980 Boone County, Kentucky Jackie Jones & David Stulz Flat-faced, broad-shouldered, 4-ft Bigfoot prowled around mobile home; ran off on 4 legs when Stulz chased it.

4 Oct. 1980 Maysville, Kentucky Charles Fulton & Anna Mae Saunders Saw white Bigfoot in porch.

10 Oct. 1980 Nr Maysville, Kentucky Woman Bigfoot chased her 'round her car at Central Shopping Center.

10 Oct. 1980 Fleming County, Kentucky J.L. Turney Bigfoot raided freezer; chased and shot at by Tumey.

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