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Shackled Sasquatch in Tennessee

Note: I think this account of a Bigfoot sighting is worth presenting on our site because of the unusual, humanlike appearance of the creature, and also the description of how this being had been apparently abused in some way by one of us. It was disturbing to me that even 30 years ago, some agency or person had chained this creature and treated it with contempt. The witness seemed credible to those of us who spoke with her, despite how unusual her account is. There is no way to verify or confirm the information. As is the case with so many eyewitness accounts, they are only as credible as the person conveying them; nevertheless, we feel this account has value, and we thank "Yvonne" for sharing it with us. -Cliff Jones, Sr.

Hello y'all,

Okay, I will try writing this story I told you all last night. I am going to try to include as much accurate detail as I can.

I sure wish I could draw a map on here of the site where our home was.

At this point the witness draws a sketch using typewritten characters. The sketch depicts a mobile home with a yard to the rear, and the rear boundary of the yard being formed by a creek, which runs parallel to the orientation of the house. On the bank of the creek, in the backyard, is a tree. Towards the right rear of the home, an asterisk is placed, depicting where the witness' bedroom was located. -Cliff Jones, Sr.

Now I was probably around ten years old and I was awake before dawn, I heard something that sounded like something dragging. I looked out the back window of my bedroom (where the star is on the home), and I saw something down in the creek. It was coming out of the creek, and at first I thought it might be Dad but it was not and when it got on the creek bank, I knew it was not Dad.

It was Bigfoot. It was tall and had long rusty brown hair. I would say it was probably 8 to 9 feet tall and it did not hunch over, but rather, it stood erect like a man. The hair on it was about 12 inches long or up to that length. Its face was proportioned like ours. It did not have longer arms; the arms were proportioned like a human.

As I watched, it had clasps on its wrists and ankles and hanging from the clasps were chains, as thick as a logging chain and the length of the chains hanging down was up to 12 inches. That is what woke me up: the dragging of the chains.

The Bigfoot then walked from the creek to the right side of the home and as it went to the corner of the home I moved to the end window (a full-length window) at the right end of the House. It proceeded to walk past the end of the house. I had no fear. It was huge. Our home was about 4 feet off the ground and as I looked out the window, it was right there in front of me on the other side of the hitch, which was at the end of the house. Its head was right there, too, and if it had looked at me we would have been eye to eye. It was maybe a few inches taller than I (my height, plus the distance from the ground at which the house stood.) As far as eyes, they were dark. I would say brown. Its hair was coarse, but not stiff, and the color was rusty brown. It was long all over the body.

It walked past the end of the trailer-home and I ran to the front door, which would have been about the middle of the house in front. As I looked out the window I was about to call my dad and it turned around. The Bigfoot was looking right at me and I knew to not say a word (I believe it was the Holy Spirit telling me to be quiet). It looked at me in a curious way and tilted its head as if it was thinking, "Oh just a kid." That is what I remember thinking at the time. Then it just turned and walked uphill toward the driveway of my uncle, crossed the driveway, and stopped at the road. At the road it looked both ways! I could not believe that, but it did. Then it walked across the street and up into the mountain in front of our house (South of our house). As it got to the mid-way point of the mountain, I lost sight of it because the sun was coming up on the other side of the mountain, and the whole top of the mountain was dark.

Also this would have been in the fall of the year because I went to school that morning and I did not tell anyone till I was grown and told my husband. I have always been curious about why I saw it, why they are here, and why God made them.

I hope this helps in your research. And oh, this was at the border of Tennessee and Kentucky, near Jelico, Tennessee, and it was in the early 70's. Sometime between 1971 and 1974, but I'm not quite sure of the actual date.

I think I covered it all.

God Bless you all,
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