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American Indians

Manataka American Indian Village
This "Place of Peace" offers a huge selection of Native American writings, legends, history, news, and just about anything else you can think of.

Manataka American Indian Links Page
An extensive, well-organized database of sites relating to American Indians.

Native American Lore Index
Links to many legends of different tribes.

Stories and Legends
Many more links to Indian folklore.

The Symbolic Role of Animals in the Plains Indian Sun Dance
Created by Psychologists for the Ethical Treatment of Animals.

American Indian History

American Indian Medicine

Archeological Coverups, Explorations in the Grand Canyon

Center for the Study of the First Americans

Earth Mother Crying: Journal of Prophecies of Native Peoples Worldwide

Tour of the Florida Territory During the Seminole Wars (1792-1859)


The Starchild Project
An analysis of a unique skull of uncertain origin.

The Ape-Men I, II, and III

Ancient Man

Hominid Species

Remains of the Giants / Records of Giant Skeletons

Wildlife and Primatology

BBC Weird Nature: Orang Pendek

Cryptozoology Biographies

Gibbon Research Lab

The Hominidae Family

On the Natural History of the Man-Like Apes (1863)

The Nestbuilding Behavior of Higher Apes

Owls of the World

Medical Abnormalities


Endocrinology: Acromegaly

Lili's Fan Club

Meet the Wolf People

Southeastern Research Genetics Group: Neurofibromatosis

Other Scientific Studies

The Disclosure Project
Perhaps what they are doing in disclosing Government involvment with the UFO issue, we should be doing with the issue of Bigfoot?

Graham Hancock and the Lost Civilization

HHMI's Ask a Scientist

Micheal Cremo and Forbidden Archaeology

National Institute for Discovery Science

Occultopedia: An Encyclopedia of Occultism and the Unexplained

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