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Physical Characteristics

Evaluation of Alleged Sasquatch Footprints and Their Inferred Functional Morphology

Eyeshine: Why and How

Legends and Folklore

The Bigfoot: Indian Folklore

Ceremonial Indian Dance Masks (Bukwas)

Choctaw Legend of the Shakchi

David Icke's Symbolism Archives: The Boqs

Legend of the Boqs

North American Bigfoot Legends

Other Information

Attitudes Toward Bigfoot in Many North American Cultures

Bigfoot in Russia

Bigfoot, Mapinguary, Sasquatch, Skunk Ape, Yeti, Yoser

Bigfoot: Tracks Unveiled

Classic Bigfoot Stories

The Cryptozoology Archives: Bigfoot and Other "Hairy Hominoids"

Kentucky Has Its Own Legends of Yeahoh

The Monthly Bigfoot Report Newsletter

The Myakka "Skunk Ape" Photographs

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