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Bigfoot Research

Bigfoot Encounters
Bobbie Short's exhaustive research site, one of the most informative on the Web. Sign up for her free newsletter as well!

Bigfoot Headquarters*

Bigfoot Museum

Bigfoot Proof: Reflections Show the Way*

The Bigfoot Research Network*

Bigfoot: Fact or Fantasy?

Bluenorth Bigfoot Research

The Cryptozoologist (Loren Coleman)

The Florida Skunk Ape

J. Vaughn's Bigfoot/Sasquatch Page*

New England Sasquatch Research Center

Nguoi Rung, Vietnamese Forest People

Oregon Bigfoot*

Pib's Cryptozoology

The Shadowlands Presents: Bigfoot


*This is a featured website with a no-kill philosophy. See our Home Page for other "no-kill" websites!

Bigfoot Humor

Republic of Cascadia: Bureau of Sasquatch Affairs
Very well-done website, with a touch of humor. Can Bigfoot have a tongue in his cheek?

Cooking with Bigfoot
How does he like his steak done?

Erik Beckjord and the Bigfoot Investigation Project
Prepare your eyes for a serious amount of red circles!

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