Friends of Bigfoot


Bigfoot Research Organizations

American Anthropological Research Foundation*

Australian Yowie Research*

Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization

The Bigfoot Ranger Team*

Eastern Ohio Bigfoot Investigation Center

Gulf Coast Bigfoot Research Organization

International Bigfoot Society

Michigan Sasquatch Studies Group*

North Carolina Bigfoot Investigations

Northeastern Ohio's Researchable Kryptids Accounts*

Ohio Bigfoot Search Group Club*

Ohio Bigfoot Research and Study Group*

The Ohio Bigfoot Research Team*

The Ohio/Pennsylvania Bigfoot Research Group*

Pennsylvania Bigfoot Society*

Sasquatch Information Society

Southern Oregon Bigfoot Society

Texas Bigfoot Research Center*

The Texas Wildman Project*

Washington State Sasquatch Search Group

West Texas Bigfoot Research*

*This is a featured organization with a no-kill philosophy.

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