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A major goal of Friends of Bigfoot is to provide the novice and the experienced researcher alike with a comprehensive database of valuable resource material. We want you to think of this site as a place where you can find whatever you need, be it a research paper on primate behavior or a good tent for camping. In order to do this, we need your feedback. If you find a resource link that doesn't work or you have a favorite site that you think would enrich the rest of us, please let us know. Your comments are valuable to us, and we are here to serve you!

The following collections of websites are provided for the convenience of the individual researcher. Friends of Bigfoot does not necessarily endorse these sites; in fact, some of them are of the pro-kill mindset. But they all contain valuable information and background into the Bigfoot enigma. We hope you find these categories to be useful in your search.

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Bigfoot Research Organizations
Internet sites of Bigfoot research organizations, groups, and clubs.

Bigfoot Websites
Individuals with interesting and informative websites about Bigfoot.

Forums and Chatrooms
Check the pulse of the Bigfoot research world by checking out these forums.

Sightings Databases
Has someone seen a Bigfoot in your neighborhood? These databases may give you the answer.

Research Tools and Field Equipment
Need a weather report? A topographic map? Directions to a distant town? Do you need a dictionary, search engine, or to check the news wires for a breaking story? Maybe you need a backpack or a night-vision camera. Whatever you need to accomplish a practical goal in your research, this is where you should look. Share the fruits of your experience! We need your hints to find the best sites to offer here.

Bigfoot Information
Websites we have found to be of value in Bigfoot research. Serious studies and research material of Bigfoot nature, behavior, history, and legend.

Related Information
Would information about American Indians aid your quest? What about wildlife calls or primate studies? Need to improve your knowledge of animal tracks or primitive camping? Here is the place to begin. What have you learned in your search? Let us add your links.

Art and Media
Internet radio programs about Bigfoot and related subjects, artist's conceptions of what these creatures look like, books, poetry, audio, video, and other media.

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