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The National Undiscovered Species Protection Act

An Idea Whose Time May Be at Hand

Note: The following is the current text of a proposed national law that many Friends of Bigfoot would like to see enacted. If you would care to add your suggestions or have ideas about accomplishing this, please let us know!-Cliff Jones, Sr.

The National Undiscovered Species Protection Act

Whereas, throughout the history of North America, accounts and reports have been made on a regular basis of various animals of unknown type, species, and origin, both from early Native Peoples and forward to present-day eyewitnesses, and

Whereas, these accounts and reports often indicate the possible existence of a previously unrecognized and undiscovered species of wild, primate mammal said to exist within the boundaries of The United States of America, and sometimes having certain human-like characteristics, such as a human-like face, hands, and feet, often with bipedal motion, and sometimes reported in possession of human-like language, and

Whereas, numerous scientists, anthropologists, forensics experts, and even a noted primatologist have expressed interest and/or dedicated time and resources toward the discovery and research of such creature, and

Whereas, numerous research organizations, both scientific and amateur, have arisen, some having made public statements of their planned intent to hunt and to slay one or more of these creatures for various stated purposes including sport, profit, or under the so-called Auspices of Science, and

Whereas, a clear and reasonable danger exists, that in the destruction of one or more of these unrecognized and/or undiscovered creatures or unknown hominids, an Endangered Species might be eradicated from the earth, and furthermore, should study be made and such an hominid prove to be of human origin, it may be found that, in the destruction of said creature, a Homicide has occurred,

Be it resolved, that the hunting, purposeful harassment or injury of any wildlife which is not identified as game by State or Federal Law, or is not listed as a legally hunted animal or pest, particularly and to include bird, reptile, and mammal, shall be deemed a Felony, with applicable fines and punishments deriving from the Endangered Species Protection Act.

Furthermore, be it resolved that in the case of endangerment or destruction of any creature which at a later time is deemed by recognized scientific investigation to be of human origin, that any claim of ignorance will not absolve the offender from criminal responsibility and prosecution, and that all laws and regulations pertaining to Violation of Human Rights, Homicide, Reckless Endangerment, and Conspiracy to Commit Homicide, both State and Federal, shall apply, with their applicable fines and punishments.

Be it also resolved that, in the event of such slaying or capture, all monetary profits, proceeds, and revenues resulting from said Felony shall be confiscated, in addition to physical possession of any carcass of said creature.

If you have read this far, then obviously you must have some interest in this issue.

What can you do in a practical way to further this goal? Do you have practical knowledge or experience or resources to bring to the table?

This is your call. We at Friends of Bigfoot are not experts, nor professionals. Just people who want to do our part. What part will you play?

Let us know by writing us.


Cliff Jones, Sr.
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