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Meet Max:

All I know of this boy is that he is wearing a T-shirt with the name "Max" hand-written on it, that he is apparently a Down Syndrome child, and may also be a cancer patient. Also, that he is apparently well cared-for, and someone thought enough of him to take this handsome photo, and to share it on the internet, at some point.

This young fellow's image has apparently been circulated about on various so-called humorous websites as of late. For some reason, some of us think the mentally ill or the mentally retarded of our human race are something to be laughed or joked about.

The photo touches me deeply, because my own son is retarded and autistic, and we have felt the sting of derision and abuse and abandonment of society for many years.

Having a child like this changes your life, and makes you see life in a deeper perspective, in a dimension of life that is impossible to experience in any other way.

When I have seen this boy's image on my computer screen, it tugs at my heart. I've actually shed tears for him, and said prayers for him and his family.

It is a sad aspect of humanity that some of us feel the need to ridicule or diminish those less fortunate among us. It must be true that some feel a need to try to make themselves look better by contrasting themselves with those whom they consider to be of lesser status.

Anyone who could laugh or snicker at this young man must have a terrible disease in his soul. I am proud to own a heart that cries for this young innocent!

I am also proud to stand by him, and to receive any cruel abuse that may be hurled by the sick individuals out there who would do such.

It is a shame there are those in the Bigfoot research community who have a mindset similar to that which I have described. But of course many precedents throughout history have been set by groups and individuals who have seen those people who were different as something less than human.

There are many researchers whom I am familiar with who even use the term "nigger" in derision. This is simply a sign of a deep spiritual illness.

How many groups, types and races of people have been portrayed as something less than human, shortly before an extermination policy was set in motion, and many thousands, or even millions, were slaughtered?

There are certain angry individuals out there, and among us, who apparently feel an urgent need to label the beings we refer to as Bigfoot as nothing but animals or some kind of fancified ape. They say they have proof, but furnish none.

My position is that if any possibility exists in which they may be found to be human, then we have an ethical mandate to treat them as such, until that time when we have proof beyond the shadow of any doubt that they are not.

Perhaps these angry researchers are simply seeking to make themselves look better by degrading the status of another of God's created beings?

I have theorized, and continue to use this as a working hypothesis, that the Wildman may possibly be a descendant of those who were "different" in generations or millenia past. That they may have been ridiculed and rejected for their differences by previous societies, and cast away as evil. That some of these "rejects" - hairy people, giant people, dwarves - may have actually survived and grew into a separate race, and during these many centuries of separation developed many differences in behavior and appearance than we.

It is as good a theory as any I've heard, and without more evidence than has so far been furnished, it is the best one I've heard.

The "taking of a body" as a means of study, if the above theory has any possibility of being correct, therefore becomes a completely unethical, and even an evil, proposition. We must take the pains to learn about them in an unobtrusive and harmless manner, such has been done by famous researchers in the field of primatology before us.

The question is less, "Are they human?"

The question has become, "How human are we?"

Cliff Jones, Sr.
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