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These forums are not for arguments, gossip, nor any disparaging remarks, neither towards individuals nor groups, but for intelligent discussion by polite individuals. We hope to bring a sense of community to those of us, from all locales, who may sometimes feel outnumbered by the outspokenness of those who seek to "bring in a body," or to self-aggrandize.

Prior to posting your comments, please review a few guidelines:

We are an independent website about encouraging fun, humor, and goodwill between those of every group or point of view. All are equals here. Newbies and novices are no less important than a life-long researcher. There are no group fights or feuds allowed! Disparaging remarks towards any organization will be deleted, and the poster of such, warned.

Do not post using language or a tone of voice that is different than the language or tone of voice you'd use if the person you're responding to were sitting right in front of you. Be very aware that text communication differs greatly from real-life, and moderate your words accordingly.

It is poor Internet chat etiquette to use ALL CAPS. To the reader, caps are equivalent to shouting. You may shout in real life, but not here. There are buttons provided to enable you to make words appear in bold, italics, underlines, etc. All caps, unless used in fun (LOL), will be edited or deleted, and continued use will result in a warning or loss of posting privileges. The best emphasis is always a well-written sentence.

Never post in anger. If you think someone is speaking to you in anger, please re-read the post and consider that you may have misunderstood the intent. If you believe you are being attacked or that a user is being abusive, please email the or a , and it will be addressed.

In order to maintain an atmosphere where everyone is always comfortable saying what they think and expressing opinions that others may not agree with, we won't hesitate to lock a thread, delete a topic, or ban a user.

We welcome people from all walks of life, all groups, and all viewpoints. No groups will be attacked here, and no individuals. Ideas may be challenged, but not people. There is a difference! Fervent views and opinions, and the exchange of them, are good and healthy, but remember: ideas, not people.

Due to restrictions and the overall policy of Friends of Bigfoot, the reposting of entire articles in our forums is not encouraged. Excerpts of highlights and pertinent quotes, however, are very much encouraged, but always include your own thoughts and views.

Our website is all about finding where to look for what you want, and we see it as more of a clearinghouse of information, rather than a repository of such. The reader should be encouraged to visit other websites and see all the Net has to offer. Our website is about pointing the way. Other admirable websites have vast archives of rare and interesting articles, and we applaud them. This, however, is not our scope. Do not post entire articles, just parts that will entice the reader to visit that site.

We want to know your thoughts. We want your original comments and what all this vast amount of knowledge means to you in your personal research.

We see no need to pay for Web space to republish, when it is easily available at the original site, and we encourage the poster to always provide Web addresses in posts referring to other websites. Just use the 'Website' button when posting.

Lastly, have fun! This field can get a little draining if we cannot enjoy ourselves. Visit the Fun Zone; add a joke! You may be the one to brighten someone's day.

Cliff Jones, Sr.
Managing Editor
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