Friends of Bigfoot

Somewhere on the borderlands of our world and at the edge of our understanding, they live.

The Wildman; the Yeti. Sasquatch . . . Bigfoot.

A man-like being, with hands and feet so similar to our own. Walking on two legs; with a face so much like ours. But most often reported as being covered with hair. Not so much fur, but hair. And one other thing: a giant, by our standards.

It is not our intent here to convince of their existence. It is, however, our intent to encourage research of this being, and not only to research, but also to do it in a truly ethical manner.

This is no typical animal. They exhibit high intelligence. Some say they use language and build things in the forest. Symbolic things.

And they are extremely shy and elusive.

Other species have managed to escape our notice for hundreds or thousands of years. More new kinds of animals are discovered periodically, even to this day. But although his ability to elude us may be unusual, that is not what makes the Wildman unique.

What makes him unique is the Question.

If he were just another ape, it would be an interesting thing, but it would not arouse the passion that the Bigfoot arouses in those who research him. Let no one fool you. It is the Question that makes this field and this study so different.

And that Question, formed in so many ways, always boils down to this:

Could he be one of us?

It is this question, the Question, that makes the scientific study of the Bigfoot enter into a different realm than the mere study of just another unknown species. Medical, scientific, philosophic, spiritual, and so many other branches of ethics suddenly come into the arena.

Our methods cannot involve the simple "taking of a specimen," if that would risk the taking of a life of something possibly human, or even partly human. Since we cannot know that with any certainty, ethics would dictate a level of caution that we do not usually afford the study of a simple animal. We must go the extra mile.

Friends of Bigfoot seeks to encourage that cautious, ethical research.

We wish to promote this higher standard among those doing Bigfoot research by identifying and promoting organizations, websites and individuals that have made this ethical choice.

Surely in this day of technological advancement, there are many ways to study and learn, short of killing or injuring the subject.

And in any case, is our need to know really greater than these beings' personal need to live?

Welcome to Friends of Bigfoot.

Cliff Jones, Sr.
Managing Editor

Featured Websites and Organizations

There are as many approaches to the study of Bigfoot as there are researchers. However, the following websites and organizations have one common denominator. They have gone on record in promoting a non-violent method of research. We applaud their courageous stance in the face of so much opposition, which this position currently receives. If your website or organization shares our no-kill philosophy, and you would like to be featured here, please email us with your request and provide the URL of your website.

Please note that Friends of Bigfoot does not necessarily endorse nor is endorsed by these organizations, and their appearance here is in appreciation of their non-hostile research policies.

The Texas Wildman Project

The Texas Wildman Project
"The independent researchers of the Texas Wildman Project hold to the firm ethic of a non-invasive research method. We want to learn and to witness, but not at the personal expense of the magnificent subject of our study."


American Anthropological Research Foundation
"Perhaps for the first time in modern history, we can cause established science to admit a new species without capturing, killing, traumatizing, or harming a single specimen in any way. Once accomplished, AARF can demand that our lawmakers pass laws protecting those inalienable rights to which we all cling and that logically belong to these obviously benign and gentle giants."

Australian Yowie Research
"The AYR are also known as "The YowieHunters" in the media, but we prefer to be known as "Yowie Research" due to the fact that we wish no harm to "The Creature" and do not wish to instill the predictable interpretation of the word 'hunter.'"


Bigfoot Proof: Reflections Show the Way
"OSAR takes off her hat to those who truly care, true researchers interested in studying and protecting Bigfoot. Those of you who think you must shoot one to prove they are real, well... OSAR needs no proof. She knows they are real and she starts from there! Noll said some counties have passed ordinances attempting to declare it an endangered species. Why, in Washington state's King county it is on the endangered species list."

The Bigfoot Ranger Team

The Bigfoot Ranger Team
"The purpose of the Bigfoot Ranger Team is: 1) To document and confirm the existence of bigfoot through first hand contact. 2) To study and document Bigfoot's behavior while in it's natural habitat. Prime Directive of the Bigfoot Ranger Team is: At no time do we condone the capture, killing, or harming of any bigfoot."


The Bigfoot Research Network
"The Bigfoot Research Network is a system to network and organize objective research efforts in the Eastern United States. This network is applying scientific methodology to search for, document, and analyze potential evidence of this phenomenon. Currently, the Network supports a no-hunting-to-kill policy in regards to the creature."

British Hominid Research
"BHR would like to state that it is run strictly on a non-violent/no-kill basis and is interested in crypto-anthropological research by passive contact only."

Chattahoochee Bigfoot Organization

Chattahoochee Bigfoot Organization
"The goals of the Chattahoochee Bigfoot Organization are to gather information in the forms of eyewitness testimony, field specimens, photographic evidence, video evidence and auditory recordings to prove to the world the existence of an endangered species, known as Bigfoot in the southeast and Sasquatch in the northwest United States. The CBO without a doubt is a NO KILL organization. There are always alternate methods of study without the most obvious being 'death.'"

J. Vaughn's Bigfoot/Sasquatch Page

J. Vaughn's Bigfoot/Sasquatch Page
"This is a 'no kill' bigfoot research website! When people are outside on the porch listening to the frogs and crickets hoping for a distant howl or scream or hiking through the woods hoping to see some sign that a bigfoot has been in the area or a actual bigfoot they are enjoying nature at its finest. There is so much beauty to see in the woods with the abundance of insects, plants, and animals. The main thing to remember is to have fun and enjoy your trip to the woods and be safe."

Michigan Sasquatch Studies Group
"This group seeks only to learn more about Bigfoot through non-threatening research and is strictly against the idea of 'obtaining a specimen for science.' This approach has been often proposed but never seriously (or at least successfully) pursued by some other investigators."

Northeastern Ohio Bigfoot Research
"Northeastern Ohio Bigfoot Research (NEOBFR) is a 'no kill' organization. We believe that studying Bigfoot in its natural, untouched habitat with no harm is the best way to understand this creature. NEOBFR will only associate and share information with such individuals, groups, and organizations with the same philosophy."


Northeastern Ohio's Researchable Kryptids Accounts
"The most important lesson I have learned from my experiences is that we will be judged by how well we treat the other animal species with whom we share our planet."

Ohio Bigfoot Search Group Club
"The Ohio Bigfoot Search Group Club takes their own stance in these bewildering days for credible eye witnesses that are trying to prove to the world that Bigfoot does indeed exist. We are of the no kill school of thought. We do not want to see a Bigfoot brought in to be dissected at some scientist's leisure. Therefore, we are going to continue as we have over the last six years, and that is to continue our pursuit of obtaining photographic evidence of the Ohio Bigfoot's existence. It is our sincere hope that soon we can ask the State of Ohio and these United States for protection of 'our' Great Apes! We can only say that we are eye-witness observers ourselves because we have taken the days and long hours of necessary field work, just watching, observing, searching for them, and learning things about these huge hairy creatures' habitat. When we are truly blessed, we are allowed a glimpse of them. One day we are hoping to hear someone say, 'You did it, you have proven Bigfoot's existence without shedding a drop of their blood.'"


Ohio Bigfoot Research and Study Group
"The Ohio Bigfoot Research and Study Group is not a big game hunting club and does not have as its goal to bring in a dead sasquatch for the scientific establishment to examine. No firearms are carried into the field during on-site investigations. It is the opinion of the Ohio Bigfoot Research and Study Group that Ohio supports a population of previously unknown primates. Documentation of this phenomenon is viewed as a primary function."


The Ohio Bigfoot Research Team
"We are not out to harm this creature in any way. Also, we will only take photos, sounds, and specimens left behind in our research."

The Ohio/Pennsylvania Bigfoot Research Group
"We conduct all our research in a benign manner and have no intentions of injuring the creature."

Oregon Bigfoot

Oregon Bigfoot
" takes a strictly passive approach to research and strongly condemns anyone who would kill something just to appease their curiosity or to acquire fame and fortune (which is unlikely in any event!) We do not carry guns in the field and do not allow firearms, stunguns, tranq guns or any other weapon on our research trips."


Pennsylvania Bigfoot Society
"We are a non-kill group and collect field data and evidence through means of audio, video, and photography."

Smokey Mountain Bigfoot Encounters

Smokey Mountain Bigfoot Encounters
"We do not believe that you have to kill a Bigfoot in order to prove they exist! The purpose for this site is for anyone who may have seen something they think is a Bigfoot, or just have questions concerning these creatures, to look through my personal photographs, and see if anything they have seen looks familiar."

The Tennesse Bigfoot Lady

The Tennesse Bigfoot Lady
"This is a no kill Bigfoot research Web site. I'm here to say that I find it no longer unnatural, but quite normal, that the Bigfoot are finding ways into our modern lives. Their intelligence and cunning is unbelievable in nature, and only by an extended study of them are we going to learn exactly who and what they are."


Texas Bigfoot Research Center
"It is the Texas Bigfoot Research Center's goal to venture into the study, observation, and documentation of these animals' behavioral patterns in their natural habitat. Our research is conducted in a 'totally benign' fashion, and in the least intrusive way possible. Our goal is not the killing of a specimen, but the study of living animals in their natural habitat. Our goals reach beyond the task of the taking of a specimen, to the providing of pertinent information about these animals behaviors to mainstream science."

West Texas Bigfoot Research
"The reason for the site is to prove and show that Bigfoot does live in West Texas. I have been told over and over that there are no Bigfoot in West Texas or Texas period, so I'm here to prove they are, and I'm not out to kill one to prove it. All I will be carrying with me is a camera, tape recorder, stuff to make casts with, bionic ears, gloves, bags to gather up scat or anything else I find, and a measureing stick to show how big the prints are."


The Western New York Bigfoot Investigation Center
"Investigating sightings and track finds in all New York counties. Dedicated to a non-hostile approach to investigating the Bigfoot phenomenon, the WNYBIC was founded in January 2000."

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